How much would a typical appliance repair cost?

The cost of repair may depend on many factors. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to determine how much it will cost you without knowing the appliance and the problem. We only provide a quote once we inspect and diagnose the appliance. If you know what the problem is and the part that needs to be replaced, then we can let you know how much the spare part will cost. Once you approve the quote this will be the final amount you will be charged. Otherwise, the inspection with a diagnosis would cost you a $75 service fee.

Are there any brands you do not work with?

There are certain brands the repair of which is not reasonable: Summit, Avanti, Blomberg. 

How long does the repair process last?

It all depends on what kind of problem your refrigerator has been causing. It may be from 30 minutes to a 4-hour repair job. 

What is your warranty policy for repairs?

Almost all services we provide comes with complimentary 3-months (90 days) warranty on both parts and labor.

Will your technicians repair my appliance on the same day?

We stock more than 90 percent of appliance parts in our trucks and can get the repair done on the same day. However, sometimes it may take a little longer depending on your appliance, availability of certain parts.

Do you use original parts?

No matter what appliance we repair, we only use genuine spare parts for that brand.

What happens if the technician does not have the right part available?

When scheduling the repair, we usually ask for the brand, make and model, and the problem you are experiencing. With this information and our expertise and experience, we are able to determine the parts to bring with us for the repair. In case we have not stocked the item your appliance requires, we will order the part from the brand. Shipment usually takes 2-5 business days, but we make every attempt to get the part as soon as possible.

How can I tell if my appliance is worth repairing?

If you are wondering if your broken appliance is worth repairing, Best NY Appliance Repair can help by conducting a full diagnosis on your item to check its full condition. Technically, it all depends on the extent of the damage, the availability of spare parts, and the age of the appliance. Our technicians have dealt with different appliances for many years and will give you an honest opinion, from a professional view, whether the cost of repairing is a better value than replacing the appliance.

Where do you perform the repairs?

We prefer to conduct all repairs at your home or your office. Once you contact us, our technicians come to your venue with all the tools and spare parts required for your specific appliance. The technicians always try to get your appliance up and running without it leaving your venue.

What am I supposed to do when my appliance does not work properly?

When your appliance is not working as it should, it may be a sign of a problem which if not repaired is likely to fail you, or worse, be a danger to you. As a general rule of thumb, when your appliance, be it refrigerator or dishwasher or any other, starts to malfunction or ceases to work correctly, you should seek professional help. Appliances are built to perform specific tasks and if they are not doing that, a professional can help restore them to their optimum working condition.

Our Services


When your refrigerator starts to act up, it is good to invite a technician to check it.


We repair a broad range of refrigerator types, models, and sizes, and specialize in followings:

  • Built-in refrigerator repair;
  • Side-by-side refrigerator repair;
  • French door refrigerator repair;
  • Top-mount freezer refrigerator repair;
  • Bottom-mount freezer refrigerator repair;
  • Undercounter refrigerator repair;
  • Wine cooler repair.  

Since you probably use your gas or electric stove regularly, it’s likely to develop some issues, at some point. When this happens we can help.


We repair a broad range of stoves, ranges and cooktop types, models, and sizes, and specialize in followings:

  • Dual fuel stove repair;
  • Electric stove repair;
  • Gas stove repair;
  • Induction cooktop repair;
  • Electric cooktop repair;
  • Gas cooktop repair;
  • Glass cooktop repair;
  • Professional range repair.  

Best NY 

Appliance Repair

Best NY Appliance Repair

Best NY Appliance Repair has been helping New Yorkers in living stress-free life for years by taking care of appliance repair problems.  Our technicians have the training to repair and service the kitchen and laundry  appliances. Equipped with only the latest tools, knowledge and experience over the last 20 years, we’ll make quick work of your appliance repairs. In need of fast service? Call us for a quote, set up an appointment and have a certified appliance technician dispatched at your convenience.

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Let’s get started on the right solutions and services to help you in getting your appliances fixed. Let's start with open and honest conversation and earn respect!

About Us

At Best NY Appliance Repair we provide customers with complete solutions for all their household appliances.  

We make it easy for you, servicing all makes and models. We specialize in refrigerator repair, range repair, stove repair, cooktop repair, dishwasher repair, oven repair, microwave repair, washing machine repair, dryer repair and much, much more.

Best NY Appliance Repair has been servicing the New York City, with its all boroughs including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island. We service throughout all metropolitan areas and some regional areas as well including the Nassau County and Westchester County. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff and they will guide you through the repair process.

It is always frustrating you can not make mouthwatering roasted chicken or a freshly baked cake due to an oven breakdown. If your oven has problems, it is important to call a technician to diagnose the problem and fix it.


We repair a broad range of ovens and microwaves types, models, and sizes, and specialize in followings:

  • Gas oven repair;
  • Electric oven repair;
  • Wall oven repair;
  • Double oven repair;
  • Convection oven repair;
  • Counter-top microwave repair;
  • Undercounter microwave repair;
  • Over-the-range microwave repair.  

If your dishwasher has broken down, you do not have to put up with a dirty pile of dishes. Having your dishwasher repair is not something you want to gamble with, that’s why you need quality and certified repair providers.


We repair a broad range of dishwasher types, models, and sizes, and specialize in followings:

  • Built-in dishwasher repair;
  • Portable dishwasher repair;
  • Full console dishwasher repair;
  • Integrated dishwasher repair.


  • Washer is not draining
  • Washer is not spinning
  • No water is coming into washer
  • Washer does not start
  • Touchpanel is not responding
  • Washer is leaking
  • Machine not filling with water or overflowing
  • Washer is making a loud noise
  • Washer is breaking the circuit
  • Washer creates a burning smell
  • Washer door does not open
  • Washer  is vibrating or shaking
  • Washer does not finish the cycle
  • And many more
  • Dishwasher is making a loud noise
  • Dishwasher is breaking the circuit
  • Dishwasher is running non-stop
  • Dishwasher door is not sealing
  • Dishwasher does not have power
  • And many more
  • Thermostat problems
  • Igniter problems
  • Broken control buttons or interior lights
  • Microwave is not heating the food
  • Microwave does not start
  • Microwave plate does not spin
  • Microwave is making strange noise
  • Burners have low flame
  • Oven takes long time to heat
  • The oven temperature is not accurate
  • Oven does not turn on
  • Bake and broil is not working
  • Oven door does not seal
  • And many more
  • Refrigerator is covered in ice
  • Water dispenser is not working
  • Ice maker is not making ice
  • Refrigerator is warm inside
  • Refrigerator light is off
  • Refrigerator compressor compartment is clicking
  • And many more


  • Oven is not cooking food evenly
  • Oven is not turning on
  • Oven is being too noisy
  • Oven turns on by itself
  • Oven temperature is not matching the gauge
  • Oven is not self-cleaning
  • Oven is leaking gas


  • Dishwasher is not draining
  • Dishwasher is not washing thoroughly
  • No water is coming into dishwasher
  • Dishwasher does not start
  • Touchpanel is not responding
  • Dishwasher is leaking


  • Refrigerator is leaking
  • Refrigerator is not cooling
  • Refrigerator is not making ice
  • Refrigerator compressor is not working
  • Refrigerator is making a humming noise
  • Freezer is not cooling
  • Refrigerator door is not closing


  • Stove burner will not light
  • Cooktop keeps clicking
  • Burners are having ignition issue
  • Range burners spark all the time
  • Gas is leaking 
  • Stove heating element is not working
  • Knobs will not dial or are broken

 If your clothes are not drying, your dryer will not turn on, or it is not heating enough, then it is likely that you have a broken heating element that needs to be replaced or repaired. Never deal with wet clothes again by having your dryer repaired by Best NY Appliance Repair.


We repair a broad range of dryer types, models, and sizes, and specialize in followings:

  • Gas dryer repair;
  • Electric dryer repair;
  • Stacked dryer repair;
  • Washer and dryer combo repair;
  • Ventless and vented dryer repair.   

A faulty washer can cause a lot of trouble if it is not draining, not turning ON, or making an unusual noise. Moreover, it can develop even complicated issues with the time that you cannot handle yourself. Therefore, Best NY Appliance Repair experts are always available to provide high-quality services on a local level to get you out of this discomfort.


We repair a broad range of washing machine types, models, and sizes, and specialize in followings:

  • Front load washer repair;
  • Top load repair;
  • Stacked washer repair;
  • Washer and dryer combo repair.

Our friendly, expert technicians come out to your place and fix it.

We will get your appliance fully repaired and functioning


  • Dryer is not heating
  • Dryer is not spinning
  • Dryer is leaking
  • Dryer is overheating and burning the clothes
  • Touchpanel is not responding
  • Dryer is taking too long
  • Dryer is making a loud noise
  • Dryer does not start
  • Dryer stops after a few minutes
  • Dryer door is not sealing
  • Dryer does not have power
  • And many more

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